Beyond Ghosts Interactive Paranormal Episode 68 – Interview with Down River Paranormal

Posted by beyondghosts on Wednesday, 7 of July , 2010 at 5:26 am


Beyond Ghosts Interactive Paranormal Episode 68 – It’s Ghost Hunters night! In this episode we interview the Lead Investigators of Down River Paranormal from Detroit. We chat with them about their best cases & the paranormal in the motor city!

Beyond Ghosts Episode 68 (Mp3 Format)


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This is the interactive paranormal radio show which allows anyone and everyone the opportunity to be a ghost hunter! By creating a community of openness and truth, both believers and skeptics alike can now find a new home with Beyond Ghosts Interactive Paranormal. We work to make the paranormal accessible, credible, exciting, and fun, without separating fact from fiction, leaving the audience to decide.